Show ’em how it’s done: Cooking for Kids

Cooking for Kids: Complete Volume 1., 2006. 254 minutes. 4 DVDs, $69.05. ISBN 978-0-9726945-8-2

Interest Level: 5-8

Cuisine: Varied

This video set includes six episodes of Desiree Dorwart, an instructor of culinary arts at The Art Institute International Minnesota, teaching children how to cook. I was not able to view the entire set, but I did find and watch a clip of the sushi episode. I really enjoyed how Dorwart teaches kids the steps in preparing sushi, and what I saw in that nearly nine-minute clip reinforced what I read in Stephanie Bange’s review of this series for School Library Journal: Dorwart is clear in her explanations, and when she talks to kids, she makes sure to tell them what they need to know without ever being condescending (Bange notes this in her review, too). The video I watched was well lit, and the camera angles are good and allow viewers to see what is happening and understand what they need to do at home. Viewers also get to see kids cooking, so it is not just a video of an adult cooking while children watch. The reason I chose this video series was because some young chefs would prefer to have a video to watch rather than trying to teach themselves how to cook out of a book. It is helpful to see what a process is like before doing it oneself, and for kids who want to figure out cooking on their own, having a video to watch will help them be more independent in their cooking journeys.


Review referenced:

Bange, S. (2006, Dec. 1). Cooking for kids (Review of the video Cooking for Kids). School Library Journal 52(12). Retrieved from


Video watched:

Cooking.For.Kids (screen name). (n. d.). Sushi roll recipe. Retrieved from   


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