Mini-desserts: Mug Cakes

Bilderback, Leslie. Mug Cakes: 100 Speedy Microwave Treats to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth. St. Martin’s Griffin, 2013. 168 pages. Tr. $19.59, ISBN 978-1-25002-658-3

Interest Level: AD

Cuisine: Desserts

Another dessert cookbook aimed at adults, Mug Cakes aligns perfectly with tweens’ desire to have quick and easy desserts available. Add to that the portion of a mug cake (a cake in a mug? Adorable!), and this book for adult bakers will be popular with younger readers. The book also has great “flip through” potential as the mugs in which cakes are prepared often match their contents; for example, the Victorian Rose mug cake is in a delightfully dainty looking mug. This book also covers “basics” of mug cakes before diving into the more sophisticated flavors and decoration options, so any interested tweens can get their bearings before jumping straight into the more complicated mug cakes.


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