Magazine! New Moon

New Moon. Location. Duluth, MN: New Moon Girl Media. 6 issues yearly. $40.95 per year


TL;DR: Do I recommend this? Yes

Publication: Magazine

Brief Description:

New Moon is a magazine for and by girls ages 8 and up. It features “Herstory” (history) sections, health topics, fiction with girl protagonists, letters to the editor, “How Aggravating!” (a complaints-about-life Dear Abby type section), “Howling At the Moon!” (for things girls want to celebrate), poetry, art, and articles. The magazine focuses on imparting on girls the importance of “girl power” and feminism.

Genres/Subjects: History, current events, health, fiction, poetry, art

Reading Level: ages 8-16

Programming/Lesson Ideas:

Since I currently work in two single-sex schools that share a campus, I would love to highlight this magazine with girls. It’s a great alternative to the Teen Vogues and others of that ilk that girls start picking up young. We do not carry those magazines, but by offering these patrons a magazine that focuses on their strengths and women’s history, I can help them work on their confidence and awareness of women in the world.

Personal Thoughts:

I was a New Moon Girl way back when, so I have some intense nostalgia for this magazine. When I came across one a few months ago, I was transported back to waiting eagerly for my bimonthly magazine. Flipping through, submitting work for publication, and rereading favorite articles was how I spent a lot of time as a tween. I would love to inspire more girls to check out this awesome magazine! Having it in the library would be a great way for me to help more girls discover this empowering publication.

Review read:

Parents’ Choice. (n. d.). New Moon: The magazine for girls and their dreams (Review of the magazine New Moon). Parents’ Choice. Retrieved from


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