Hi! I’m Ms. Esling, and I’m a new-ish elementary school librarian. I decided that I wanted to create a searchable site with easy-to-tag posts about what I read so that I have ideas handy when students want to find a good book. 🙂

A note about content — the majority of these books will be young reader appropriate, but I will also occasionally review YA titles that are meant for older (read: high school) students. I will mark my YA reviews as reviews of YA titles, so please be on the lookout for that information. Appearing on this blog does not mean a book is necessarily appropriate for a young reader.

Also! I do try to only post positive reviews on this blog. If I post a negative review, it is because I felt as though I needed to leave myself those notes. (Please know that I always go into a book hoping for the best!)

Happy reading!