Sorry for the interruption


Sorry for the lack of posts lately; November was kind of a month for me, and while I was still reading, I ran out of my pre-posted reviews and did not have a chance to write reviews for the books I had finished. I’m hoping to have reviews up and running shortly.

Thank you!


New Year, New Idea …

Happy 2017!


As I look ahead to the spring semester, I am realizing that I will not be reading Middle Grade/Tween books at the same volume that I could during the fall and winter. For that reason, I’m going to stop posting my reviews from the fall daily and instead post a review or two a week. That way, this blog can keep updating while I work on other projects for my coursework.

The pace of posts might slow a bit, but I promise that they’ll keep coming through!


A few non-book-thoughts before I return to posting my book thoughts!


I wanted to jump in to say that if you would like to use tags for searchability, they are viewable on individual post pages. 🙂 It took me a minute to figure that out, so I am also writing that here so that I can remember.

I’m going to post reviews for books I read this week and last week. I hope to post more often than once-a-week, but for now, I’ll just post individual books separately (rather than a big ol’ review master post.)

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!


Book blogging for the win!

Welcome to Ms. Esling’s bookshelf! This blog will be a place where I (Ms. Esling … how did you guess?!) post my thoughts, reviews, and tags for books for young readers. I’d love to have a searchable record of what I’ve read, and this will be that thing.

Warning! I will post spoilers in my reviews so that I can have a heads-up of major plot points in case I forget. Spoilers will be posted in white so that they can only be seen when highlighted. 

Thank you for visiting, and welcome!