Hit it out of the park: The Ballpark Cookbook

Jorgensen, Katrina. Ballpark Cookbook: The American League: Recipes Inspired by Baseball Stadium Foods. Capstone Press (a Capstone Imprint), 2016. 63 pages. PLB $24.04, ISBN 978-1-49148-232-2

Interest Level: 3-6

Cuisine: Fast Food

This book contains recipes for foods inspired by snacks available at various baseball stadiums. While I was not able to evaluate this book in person, it sounded like a wonderful addition to any collection, especially in a library where some readers might want to learn more about foods but not necessarily prepare them (as Horn Book Guide points out, this book is “not for novice cooks”). The recipes that I could see on an Amazon book preview looked varied and interesting, and the photographs looked clear. It sounded like a fun and interesting addition to this purchase order, especially as I have already planned on ordering other themed cookbooks (Harry Potter, the “Gross” cakes, and the U.S. History themed cookbook). This book will have factoids to satisfy our Weird But True fans, and the actual recipes will be exciting experiments for our young chefs, particularly sports fans who might not yet have had a chance to visit other stadiums.


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